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Utah legislators and members of Abortion-Free Utah attend a rally to end elective abortion in the state at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Editor's note: This is part of a series of responses to the question, "Should Utah be abortion free?" Read other responses here_ and_ here.

Abortion-Free Utah recently launched its campaign to end elective abortions in the state of Utah. As a coalition of many pro-life, pro-family groups and individuals throughout the state, the group is committed to also working to expose Planned Parenthood of Utah’s direct role in elective abortion.

In our remarks, we stated emphatically, “We are inviting Planned Parenthood of Utah to leave the state of Utah.” Below we offer the compelling information behind the invitation.

By its own statistics, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah performs almost 2,000 elective abortions every year in Utah. This means that PPAU is killing approximately six babies per day in abortions for convenience — one every few hours. This is a horrifying number, and a sad statistic for a state that is so pro-family.

Repeatedly, Planned Parenthood states that it wants to protect “safe,” legal abortion. This statement ignores the obvious fact that elective abortion is never safe for the baby. It is also truly not safe for the mother — the mental health outcomes for post-abortive women are serious and last a lifetime with significantly increased suicide rates (studies show from three to six times greater suicide risk). Additionally, these women face significant increases in anxiety, depression and substance abuse, not to mention the implications to future fertility.

PPAU’s president recently suggested that she supports elective abortion of these thousands of babies because she is an “ethical person.” We instead affirm that aborting babies is not ethical by any standard of human decency. Political spin such as this is a hollow effort to make the ending of innocent human lives appear acceptable.

Even more, PPAU has objected to any limitations on abortion in Utah. It actively fought against the law protecting Down syndrome babies from being selectively aborted. They fought against an 18-week ban that would prevent later-term abortions that are seriously dangerous to the health of the mother, not to mention the baby. They fought against a law requiring informed consent of a woman considering an abortion. If they cared so much about the health and well-being of women, why would they oppose women being fully informed before they make such a life-altering choice?

Moreover, PPAU advocates for radical comprehensive sexuality education in Utah. This material promotes sexual rights for children, promotes abortion, normalizes all sexual activities, often interferes with parental rights and promotes the concept that little children down to ages 4-5 can “choose” their gender. Just look at what is transpiring in California with this extremist comprehensive sexuality education that is not only mandatory, but new laws are forbidding parents from even opting out their children.

There are eight PPAU clinics in Utah, none of which provide mammograms, prenatal care or obstetric care. The organization’s major services include STI testing, pregnancy testing, contraception and abortion at its Salt Lake City location. Prenatal care and health care services for women are readily available at locations across the state that do not encourage or facilitate elective abortion. We believe Utah mothers and babies deserve real help — not the services of Planned Parenthood.

Indeed, Planned Parenthood makes money off ending innocent life. The least expensive abortion a woman can typically get in Utah is $350, with prices rising to $4,000 in later gestational ages. PPAU took in $12.5 million in the 2018 fiscal year and its president, Karrie Galloway, earned a salary of over $170,000. Much of its revenue came from grants, private donations, federal contributions, patient services and, of course, abortion. Nationally, Planned Parenthood Federation of America reports taking in $1.4 billion in 2018. Exploiting women and ending innocent life, even under the guise of “choice,” is big business.

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Abortion-Free Utah will not stand by while unborn babies are aborted — killed — for mere convenience. We send a message to the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah: The good and caring people of Utah who support the protection of sweet, unborn babies will not stop until elective abortion is eradicated in our community and until Planned Parenthood shuts down its eight facilities in Utah.

Every baby is welcomed in the state of Utah, but we believe that the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah should not be welcome. Let’s stand up for life, and show them the door.