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Mark Pope via Twitter
BYU men's basketball coach Mark Pope, left, and USU men's basketball coach Craig Smith pose for photo.


Things are looking decidedly cozy among two Beehive State basketball coaches.

Newly appointed BYU coach Mark Pope and Utah State’s Craig Smith crossed paths while recruiting in Arizona on June 21. Pope tweeted a side-by-side selfie, and called Smith “the great coach Smith.”

Conversely, the relationship between Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak and former BYU coach Dave Rose was strained after Krystkowiak canceled a 2016 game, citing player safety. Krystkowiak said at the time he had “no reason to believe this pattern of (dirty) behavior will change on its own.”

Speaking of patterns, the one between Pope and Smith isn’t likely to change, either, now that the coaches have become besties.


The Jazz didn’t make waves in the NBA draft, but they did make hay.

With only the 53rd pick available this year — thanks to the Mike Conley trade — they drafted Hofstra’s Justin Wright-Foreman. But during the evening they also acquired the 50th and 58th picks.

Three picks among the final 10?

No shade on anyone, but isn’t that like purchasing two landline phones and getting the third for free?


Laura Seitz
Ute Donnie Tillman works out for the Jazz at Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Ute forward Donnie Tillman took a leave of absence for the upcoming season, according to a press release. But reports say Tillman recently scheduled visits to Rutgers and Illinois, leading to transfer speculation.

“I never said leave of absence,” he told the Deseret News.

Fair enough. Rock On is henceforth calling it “an amicable breakup.”


Andre Iguodala says he’s never seen a player “receive so much hate” as Warriors teammate Stephen Curry. Yet Curry sells the second-most jerseys in the league.

The top seller is (who else?) LeBron James.

It’s a fact that often those most beloved are also the most hated.

Otherwise known as the “Waffle House Effect.”


NBA legend Larry Johnson says it’s good to show emotions.

Even if he didn’t.

Asked by TMZ about Zion Williamson’s tear-filled draft day, Johnson said when he was selected in 1991 “you tried to hold your emotions back.”

Good thing that changed.

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Where would the world be without the “Crying Jordan” meme?


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton reportedly offered a fellow airplane passenger $1,500 for his seat — and got turned down.

No truth to the rumor Newton followed up by offering two first-round draft picks and a player to be named later.


Silas Walker
Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert works with physical therapist Fabrice Gautier at his office in Los Angles on Friday, June 21, 2019.

Rudy Gobert told the Deseret News that losing Ricky Rubio and Kyle Korver will hurt because “we wouldn’t be where we are without those guys.”

Sorry to ask, but does that include losing in the first round of the playoffs?