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This image released by Lucasfilm shows Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

SALT LAKE CITY — Marvel released the new Luke Skywalker-centric “Star Wars” comic, and it might include a rather large twist for the series.

The comic — officially titled “Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Luke Skywalker #1” — is the first issue in a Marvel comic series that will tie in with “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” which is due for theaters later this year.

The first issue shows Luke just before “Return of the Jedi,” giving readers a glimpse into a previously unexplored “Star Wars” era, according to CBR.

What happened: In the story, Luke uses his famous green lightsaber to help the Rebels secure fuel from an area controlled by the Empire. Just as they try to escape, however, Emperor Palpatine uses the Force to reach out to Luke’s mind, connecting the two.

  • In the scene, the Emperor makes a brief connection to Luke, tempting him to leave the rebels behind.
  • And then Luke does leave. He pictures the Rebels dying during a dogfight and then heads off to a mysterious planet across the galaxy. He then sinks his X-Wing into the ocean — which is remarkably similar to what we see in “The Last Jedi,” where Luke’s X-Wing is seen underwater.
  • From what the comic shows, “it should be clear that the temptation offered by the Emperor (leave the war, sink your X-Wing, and stop believing you can change the galaxy) is almost exactly what Luke ends up doing. And for mostly the same reasons,” ScreenRant reports.
  • It’s possible that Emperor Palpatine sees the First Order, which came into power years after the Empire failed, as a second chance to obtain power.
  • “If the First Order is Palpatine's second chance, and he needed Luke to actually run away and stay away this time, then it's no coincidence that the Emperor's original plan finally comes true. We wouldn't say that it lets Luke completely off the hook, since he was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine just like his father … but it would sure make his decision to 'give up' on the galaxy easier to understand,” according to ScreenRant.

Yes, but: This theory isn’t necessarily confirmed, but we do have confirmed information about why Luke put his X-Wing underwater. The book “The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi" reveals some extra details about the sunken ship, according to

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  • "In February 2013, [film designer] Doug Chiang painted Luke Skywalker's X-Wing starfighter sunk beneath a tropical turquoise sea for The Force Awakens development," the book reads, according to
  • "The idea would finally bear fruit in July 2014, when [Art Director and Concept Artist] Kevin Jenkins returned to the concept in early pitch art."
  • "I wanted to tell a slightly different story: As Rey finds Luke on the island, maybe she stumbles into these caves and upon the X-Wing, rather than seeing it from a distance. … It shows Luke's commitment to his exile, as he destroyed his only means of leaving the planet," Jenkins says in the book, according to