ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos spent 30 hours with President Donald Trump, who mentioned Utah twice during the interview.

SALT LAKE CITY — President Donald Trump mentioned Utah twice during an extensive interview with ABC News Sunday.

ABC NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos spent 30 hours with Trump for an exclusive interview. Much of the interviewed aired Sunday night on ABC.

Stephanopoulos traveled with Trump on Air Force One, met him at the West Wing, spent some time in the Oval Office and sat down one-on-one in the Rose Garden.

Trump mentioned Utah twice during the interview. You can read the full transcript at ABC News.

The first mention came when Trump spoke about installing judges. He said he added 145 judges during his time in office.

  • “I ended up with 145 judges, nobody has ever had anything like that happen,” he said. Stephanopoulos responded, “The difference a Senate can make.” Trump replied, “It’s a tremendous difference. United States District Court; Utah. Another great one, right? Utah.”
  • Context: Trump nominated former U.S. attorney for Utah David B. Barlow to serve as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah back in May, according to the Deseret News.

The second mention came when he spoke about polling numbers. Trump said he watched “Good Morning America” and saw something about polling and how he wasn’t polling well. He said “GMA” had fake polling numbers, which, he said, he went through in 2016.

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  • “I had the same thing and — made up, I mean, they give you phony numbers, they give you numbers, they said that they have access to numbers, which I don’t believe they have access to. But ... I went through it in 2016, I was going to be tied in Texas, it was going to be very close, I won by a lot. I was going to be tied Utah, I won by a lot, now I was going to lose Pennsylvania, I won it. I was going to lose North Carolina, I won it. I mean it was all phony polling. It’s actually phony polling and I believe it’s suppression. They suppress, they want to suppress the minds of people so they don’t bother going out and voting.”

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