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There are currently two candidates running for the Republican nomination — President Trump and Bill Weld (a former Republican governor of Massachusetts). Trump, because of his outrageous actions and comments, gets copious notice in the news media across the political spectrum. Bill Weld, although he is a more honest, honorable and qualified candidate — much more fit to be president than Trump — gets a mere mention every now and again, even though he works diligently to campaign.

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It's well past time that Bill Weld should get the attention he deserves. It is well past time that the voting public should learn that there is a Republican alternative to Trump. Someone who is much more attractive than Trump and would be much better, more patriotic and more qualified to serve as the president of the United States.

The media needs to give Weld the same amount of attention Trump gets. The voting public would be well served if Weld got the attention he deserves.

Carol Schermerhorn