“Toy Story 4” will hit theaters June 21.

SALT LAKE CITY — Is “Toy Story 4” a risky film? It seems so, according to Tim Allen.

Allen spoke to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week about the upcoming “Toy Story 4,”which will bring an entirely new adventure to the “Toy Story” franchise.

  • “Tom [Hanks] and I said, [after] 25 years of this -- still number one is my favorite because it was number one, but boy have these guys expanded the story,” Allen said.
  • “This one got real emotional up front,” Allen said, referring to the upcoming film. “I thought it was a risky move and it paid off. It gives emotion right at the start then it stems off. All the new toys are better than some of the old toys. Not better -- they’re just fresh and it’s great and the story just climbs.”
  • “Overall, it’s stunning to look at,” Allen said. “The animation quality itself is so beautiful -- the antique store, the level of detail in the toys.”
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Allen’s comments about “Toy Story 4” being an emotionally gripping film aren’t surprising. Back in May, Hanks said something similar while speaking on “The Ellen Show.” Hanks said that Allen texted him about the film, saying that it gets emotional, according to the Deseret News.

“I had gotten some texts from Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear,” Hanks said. “These texts are saying, ‘Have you recorded yet?’ ‘Have you been in?’ ‘Have you had a session yet?’”

Allen apparently told Hanks, “Wait until you see those last pages. Tough one, tough one.”

“Toy Story 4” opens on June 20.