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Chip Gaines says he made "a lot of changes" before marrying Joanna Gaines.

SALT LAKE CITY — Chip Gaines recently opened up about how he needed to change before he married Joanna Gaines.

"I really wasn’t that guy," Chip told People magazine. "I dated girls whose goal in life was to get married and have kids. They had it all planned out, but I was too selfish. It was about me and what I wanted to do, and I didn’t have anything tying me down."

“I had to make a lot of changes,” he said. ”I had to be a better person. But when I thought about the idea of being an 80-year-old man sitting on a rocking chair with my beautiful wife, and for she and I to have made it (that far), I got really excited.”

He said he was enjoying his days as a bachelor before he met Joanna while she was working at her dad’s automotive shop in Waco, Texas.

"It felt like there was this real transition. I matured and grew up," he told People magazine. "It just kind of clicked in my brain: 'This is going to work.'"

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Joanna Gaines once shared an old photo of the couple:

Chip and Joanna Gaines have five children — Drake, 14; Ella, 12; Duke, 10; Emmie, 9; and Crew, 11 months — and have been married 16 years, according to Fox News.

The Gaineses recently celebrated their Harvard graduation from the school’s business of entertainment, media and sports program, according to my report for the Deseret News.

Chip said he owes all success to his wife.

"I tell my kids this a lot. She’s the one that makes this whole thing go around,” he said.