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SALT LAKE CITY — “When Calls the Heart” stars Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett will be returning to the Hallmark Channel on Saturday to reprise their roles in the "Wedding March" series.

Wagner and Bissett will reprise their roles as Mick and Olivia for “My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5,” the fifth installment in the series.

“Wedding March 5” will focus on wedding planner Annalise (Cindy Busby), who is starting her own company and wants to wow potential investors at the romantic inn owned by Mick (Jack Wagner) and Olivia (Josie Bissett).

More interestingly, the “Wedding March 5” film will show Mick and Olivia celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first date.

Wagner and Bissett told TV Insider that the first “Wedding March” film was their favorite of all the films. But the upcoming film, which will debut on Hallmark this Saturday, is a close second.

  • “I just really was excited to, number one, do a movie with Jack, and number two, my character was just something different that I'd never really gotten to play a lot, just a romantic comedy, more light-hearted, so I just really enjoyed that aspect of it,” Bissett told TV Insider.
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Wagner said he loves the “Wedding March” movies because they show a couple going through relatable issues together. He said he enjoys seeing the characters of Olivia and Mick evolve, too.

  • “What I love about these movies is that the obstacles that they face are really very real to the audience. Every couple faces these things, right? That's what I believe gives the characters their charm and it gives the movies their charm, especially the other leads, the wedding couples and what happens with the storyline outside of just Mick and Olivia,” Wagner said, according to TV Insider.

You can watch a preview of the show below, courtesy of Parade magazine.