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Letter to the editor

Neither walls nor tariffs are the solution to illegal immigration or the increase is asylum seekers at our southern border.

Yet there is a surprisingly easy solution that is not surprisingly widely ignored: Simplify and increase legal immigration.

It should be obvious to everyone that immigration will continue, as it should. Whether those immigrants do so through proper channels and with background checks to keep out the few bad eggs or continue to sneak across undetected is really up to us.

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Most who cross illegally have no other option for entering the United States and do so with the admirable goal of improving the future prospects of themselves and their families. President Donald Trump's proposed immigration reforms that would focus almost all immigration on "merit" (high levels of education or high tech job skills) will only force more people into illegal entry.

If the real concern is security and knowing who is coming into the country, we need to create an immigration system that is simple, welcoming and allows for reasonable background checks without undue delays — basically the conditions that have existed for most of our nation's history.

Drew Allen