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Donovan Mitchell, of the Utah Jazz, walks under the pedestrian bridge spanning 100 south, at The Gateway in Salt Lake City, as he arrives at event where the bridge was named after him on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Donovan Mitchell doesn't need the bright lights of New York City or Los Angeles. In fact, he's perfectly content in small-market Salt Lake City.

In a wide-ranging Q&A with Michael Scotto of The Athletic, Mitchell touched on the subject of playing in a small market and recruiting free agents.

"I don’t think you have to have a big market to win a championship," Mitchell said. "I think it’s all about what your team brings. You look at Milwaukee. They’re not a big market per se. Oklahoma City competed for many years and is still competing. Portland is the same way. I don’t think you really need a big market in order to be competitive.

"To be honest, I think it’s kind of overrated at times. I think the things that are precious to small-market teams, I think that’s what’s special and creates that culture, especially that we have in the locker room. Like I said, it takes one or two more pieces to get there. I think that’ll be a big thing for us going on in the future, but we’re not settling on just making the playoffs now. Obviously, last year (2017-18 season) we didn’t expect to be in that spot losing Gordon (Hayward) and changing everything around and what I did. It really changed everything, so now, we have a different expectation of what we want to do, but I don’t think you have to leave to get that.

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Mitchell also talked about about being passed by his hometown team, the New York Knicks in the draft.

"That’s the one question I get nowadays. Would you want to be a Knick? For me, I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason," he said. "Obviously, I thought there was a chance. But I knew they were really high on Frank (Ntilikina), who I’m really close with, so I didn’t really take it personally. I didn’t really get upset because I loved Utah when I went to work out and it was amazing."

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