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As a student at the University of Utah studying atmospheric and environmental chemistry, I have seen the research regarding climate change. Even if I weren't a student, the data are all over the news and internet. Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest threats. Already we are seeing changes in our weather and climate, and being in a place like Utah that generates billions from the skiing industry, climate change could strike a devastating blow.

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I realize that admitting this is a problem may deter large fossil fuel industries from giving the Republican Party money, but that should not be their concern. We are talking about the future of human civilization, the future of our kids and generations to come. I beg Sen. Romney and Sen. Lee to please start taking action. Members of Congress should be representatives of the people, and if they truly want to help their constituents, then they must support bills and legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy has the potential to spur economic growth and ensure a healthier environment. The next few decades may decide whether humans prosper on this planet for generations to come.

Sean Anderson

Park City