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Aubrey Clark, Deseret News
Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool, 582 E. 300 South, is cleared after police say excess chlorine was pumped into the water, sickening nearly 50 people on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

PLEASANT GROVE — Nearly 50 people, mostly children, got sick Tuesday after being exposed to what police said was an "inordinate amount of chlorine."

In what Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Britt Smith called "a freak accident," a main pump at Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool, 582 E. 300 South, pumped large amounts of chlorine into a single jet on one end of the pool.

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The pump malfunctioned and shut down, Smith said. When it was turned back on, it pumped too much chlorine into the water and exposed several people to chlorine gas, he said.

Exposed individuals initially presented symptoms of bloody noses, coughing and vomiting, Smith said. He added that police don't believe any patients are in life-threatening condition, and he doesn't believe any fatalities will come of the incident.

Eight ambulances transported about 26 individuals to hospitals; 22 to 24 others transported themselves, Smith said.

While the chlorine likely won't infect anyone near the area, Smith still advised the public to steer clear for everyone's safety.