North Sanpete and Summit Academy play in the 3A state football championship at Weber State's Stewart Stadium in Ogden on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.

The small classifications high school football senior all-star game will be held this Wednesday at Snow College at 7 p.m. with the Class 3A All-Stars taking on a combined 2A/1A All-Star team.

The 3A squad will be coached by North Sanpete coach Rhett Bird and the 2A/1A team is being led by South Summit coach Mike Grajek.

The players arrived on Monday and will be staying and practicing at Snow College over the next couple of days in the build-up to the game.

Here’s a look at the rosters for both teams.

Class 2A/1A All-Stars

Player's Name, School (Position)

Dustin Moffo, Layton Christian (DE/RB)

Jadden Cranney, Millard (DB)

Paxton Henrie, Milford (WR/S)

Trey Jense, Parowan (RB/LB)

Karson Wunderlich, Milford (WR/S)

Mark Beh, Monticello (QB)

Marcus Fox, Kanab (DB)

Hayes Monroe, Millard (LB)

Trent Elmore, Grand (LB)

Jared Dansie, South Summit (SLOT/DB/RB)

Kody Christensen, North Sevier (WR/S)

Matt Beh, Monticello (WR/DB)

Reed Hedglin, Monticello (WR/DB)

Weston Nebeker, Monticello (RB/LB)

Kael Atkinson, South Summit (QB/S)

Braden Lundgreen, South Summit (SLOT)

Chandler Hone, ALA (WR/DB)

Codey Hanson, Parowan (RB/LB)

Corbin Arbon, Grand (RB)

Hagen Miles, South Summit (LB/RB)

McCall Rose, South Summit (SLOT/DB/LB)

Wyatt Taylor, Millard (LB/SLOT)

Chris Thompson, Grand (LB)

Tyson Chisholm, South Sevier (LB/RB)

Alan Hernandez, Millard (DL/OL)

Wyatt Fullmer, Monticello (OL/DL)

Calun Whitaker, Millard (DL/OL)

Bruce Mitchell, South Summit (DL/OL)

Bridger Fullmer, Millard (DL/OL)

Jarett Reidhead, Grand (OL/DL)

Dillon Lund, Millard (OL/DL)

Luis Canizales (Eddie), ALA (OL/DL)

Dixon Jones, Parowan (OL/DL)

Wyatt Parker, Milford (DL/OL)

Kolton Petersen, Gunnison (OL/LB)

Drew Howard, South Summit (OL/DE)

Alec Williams, Milford (OL/MLB)

Brody Williams, Grand (OL/DL)

Cooper Loftus, South Summit (OL)

Cameron Fryer, Kanab (OL/DL/K)

Caden Madsen, Gunnison (WR/DB)

Class 3A All-Stars

Player's Name, School (Position)

Parker Clawson, Summit Academy (WR)

Dallin Rasmussen, Manti (WR)

Caden Hyder, Union (DB)

Emmitt Hafen, Richfield (QB)

Cesar Lemus, North Sanpete (DB)

Zack Ferrin, Morgan (DB)

Kasey Briggs, Summit Academy (QB)

Isaac Riding, Grantsville (DL)

Nate Foote, Union (LB)

Colby Hyder, Union (LB)

Tyson Hurd, Morgan (WR)

Chase Birchell, Union (WR)

Ethan Bowles, North Sanpete (WR)

Mason Shafer, Summit Academy (DB)

Talmage Brown, Summit Academy (RB)

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Carson Wheaton, Summit Academy (LB)

Josh Lee, North Sanpete (LB)

Rance Jensen, Emery (RB)

Jared Arellano, Summit Academy (K)

Bowen Saunders, Morgan (DB)

Collin Lewis, Carbon (RB)

Brock Justesen, North Sanpete (LB)

Seni Latu, Manti (DL)

Colten Hansen, Morgan (LB)

Jacob Munger, Summit Academy (OL)

Mailoni Lutui, Union (OL)

Brigg Edwards, Union (DL)

Mcade Poulson, North Sanpete (OL)

Alan Oldroyd, North Sanpete (OL)

Cameron Fisher, Summit Academy (DL)

Jackson Rowberry, Grantsville (OL)

Dustin Ashworth, North Sanpete (OL)