Disney released new images of the characters from their "Lion King" remake on Thursday, including one of Pumbaa.

SALT LAKE CITY — Seeing the CGI-realistic versions of “Lion King” characters has proven to be a bit of an adjustment for some fans.

First came Scar, now comes Pumbaa.

What happened: Disney dropped a new teaser and new character posters for “The Lion King” Thursday.

The posters feature Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar and everyone’s favorite duo, Timon and Pumbaa.

Except Pumbaa looks a bit too similar to an actual warthog for some people’s tastes, and it’s freaking social media users out.

“I see this in my sleep paralysis,” @FantasmicEars tweeted.

“Pumbaa looks like he walked in from the set of 'The Witch,'” @DerfelMacGuffin tweeted.

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“Remember how kind of adorable Pumbaa was in the original? Like he was kind of an idiot but a lovable one you just wanted to hug?” @NattyD13 tweeted. “Now, imagine being face to face with this animal. You wouldn’t want to hug this. I know I don’t.”

A few fans have come to Pumbaa’s defense.

“Do people not realize that realistic animals aren’t going to look animated? Pumbaa looks fine,” @beenerdish tweeted.

“did y’all really expect pumbaa to not look like a warthog...?” @sotaylorwaslike tweeted.

Pumbaa (played by Seth Rogan) will return to the big screen July 19.