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Tom Hiddleston will star in an upcoming Disney+ series about Loki, the Marvel god of mischief.

SALT LAKE CITY — Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ shows will feature characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch and Vision — and now we know they’ll have an impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large.

“Captain Marvel” producer Mary Livanos told that the MCU shows will affect the wider fictional universe similar to a large-scale comic book event.

"They will directly affect the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some very real ways," Livanos said, according to IGN. "That’s what makes the opportunity to segue into the streaming space so attractive to us at Marvel Studios. You can really tell, like a full comic book event, like a multi-issue story from the point of storytelling."

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Considering Loki escaped his own time period using the Tesseract in “Avengers: Endgame,” Vision was destroyed in “Infinity War” and Falcon now holds the mantle of Captain America, it seems likely that the events of these shows could eventually spill over into the MCU’s movies. Unlike, say, the Netflix Marvel shows that IGN notes haven’t interacted with the movies outside of occasional references to the Battle of New York in “The Avengers,” a movie released in 2012.

I also previously reported for Deseret News that Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp will appear in “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as Zemo and Sharon Carter, respectively. The last time these characters appeared was in “Captain America: Civil War,” which hit theaters back in 2016.

Marvel’s next big-screen adventure is “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” which releases on July 2.