Mitch Dumke, Desnews
Ken Jennings grins while speaking to guests and students at Westminster College Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. Jennings appearance at Westminster launched his nationwide college speaking tour. Photo by Mitch Dumke (Submission date: 01/12/2005)

SALT LAKE CITY — Ken Jennings has one issue with “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhauer’s run on the show — a nickname.

On Tuesday, Jennings — who holds the record for most-consecutive wins with 74 set in 2004 — told “Good Morning America” that there’s one thing that bothers Jennings about Holzhauer, according to USA Today.

"You know what bothers me is when I hear people say, 'Jeopardy!' James," said Jennings. "I'm like, 'No, no, no, no I'm that guy. You can't put 'Jeopardy!' in front of his name.

"I used to be the 'Jeopardy!' guy!" he added, smiling the entire time.

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Of course, Jennings was probably joking with “Good Morning America” since Jennings and Holzhauer have previously traded barbs on Twitter (yes, in a joking way).

As I wrote, the battle began after “Jeopardy!” tweeted a video of Holzhauer after he won his 21st game. The video pointed to how he only has 53 more wins until he reaches Jennings’ record.

Holzhauer responded to the video, which led to a response from Jennings, too. The two traded barbs back and forth.

Holzhauer has now won 29 games of “Jeopardy!” He still has 45 to go. But he may pass Jennings’ total earnings record.