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With the advent of the Special Counsel investigation, President Donald Trump said that investigating his finances would be crossing a red line. That begs the question, “What is he hiding?”

Trump refused to follow precedent and release his tax returns. Congress has subpoenaed his tax returns and he had the Secretary of the Treasury block their release. Now, there is an IRS memo saying that there is no legal reason to block their release, barring executive privilege, which does not apply under the crime fraud exception.

Deutsche Bank personnel wrote a Special Activity Report about unusual financial transactions by Trump (and Jared Kushner). Top officials at Deutsche Bank refused to submit that report to the U.S. Treasury.

Deutsche Bank was fined over $600 million for laundering Russian money. It was the only bank that would loan money to Trump when he was desperate for cash. It is reported that Trump would overinflate his assets in order to get bank loans.

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Trump’s Deutsche Bank account information is under subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee. Since Trump has not divested himself of his business interests while in office, his tax returns, business records and bank account information should be fair game to determine if Trump is worthy of the public trust.

It appears to me that this lawless administration is involved in the coverup of a massive conflict of interest. Trump’s actions to block every congressional probe into him and his administration clearly belie his risible claim of being the most transparent president ever.

Don Hiddleson