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The soothsayers claim that we shouldn’t fear socialism because the American version is a much softer version of the more extreme failed versions in history. As proof, they cite various social welfare and government programs as socialism that works in democratic societies. Such statements ignore the thrust of American socialism today. True socialists tend to believe the rights of their constituents are granted by the government, not, as the Founding Fathers believed, by divine right to the individual. True socialists oppose that idea by seeking a secular public arena and working through all means possible to curtail the practice of public religion.

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True socialist governments fear their constituents. The right to bear arms would never be granted to individuals in a country which believes the government grants individual rights. American socialists cannot seem to shed the core socialist belief that property is held in common, not individually. Thus taxation under socialism becomes not a matter of supporting the democratically established government but a means of making everyone equal according to their needs and those definitions are established by the government.

Social welfare and government programs are society’s safety nets, used when needed. They were created and work to support the economic and Constitutional principles upon which the country was founded. Socialism is as antithetical to democracy as capitalism was to Marx.

Michael D. Thorpe

Cottonwood Heights