John F. Martin, for Chevrolet
Chevrolet's new industry-first Buckle to Drive feature, embedded in Teen Driver mode, is the latest feature designed to encourage young drivers to develop safe driving habits right from the start.

SALT LAKE CITY — Chevrolet is rolling out a feature to keep teenage drivers safe — even if it means cramping their style.

According to the Verge, the new "Buckle to Drive" feature will be included in Chevy’s 2020 line, which includes the Traverse, Malibu and Colorado vehicles. The function is enabled through a specially programmed key fob that identifies when a teenager is driving, assuming they have their own keys.

The feature primarily locks teenagers out of shifting the car into gear for 20 seconds or turning on the radio until they’ve buckled up. Annoying, but effective. The Buckle to Drive feature will work alongside Chevy’s Teen Driver function, which is already in the 2016 Malibu.

Here are some features for that system:

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  • The radio is muted until both the driver and passenger are wearing seatbelts.
  • Safety measures like stability and traction control and automatic braking are automatically enabled.
  • Parents can set a maximum volume limit and set an over-speed warning alert.
  • Parents can access a report card that shows their children's driving habits.

Chevy also found that Buckle to Drive was 16 percent more effective in convincing drivers to wear a seatbelt. Considering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that teens are at the highest risk of getting in a fatal crash, any extra precautions could help save lives.