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Coca-Cola Company
A look at the New Coke cans.

SALT LAKE CITY — Coca-Cola is going retro with the release of “Stranger Things” season three.

Coca-Cola will be bringing back a limited number of New Coke cans to celebrate the return of “Stranger Things,” which has featured the New Coke product in past episodes, CNN reports.

“Stranger Things” creators Ross and Matt Duffer came up with the idea to bring back the New Coke flavor, which debuted in the summer of 1985. The third season of “Stranger Things” takes place during the same time frame.

In total, Coca-Cola will send out 500,000 cans to the nation as a part of the promotion, according to The New York Times.

Now, here’s the thing — New Coke wasn’t commercially successful. In fact, the Coke product — which boasts a sweeter, smoother style than the regular version — received “a reaction that included boycotts, letter-writing campaigns and thousands of phone calls to its Atlanta headquarters,” according to The New York Times.

It was pulled off the shelves just months after its debut. It was then rebranded as Coke II before disappearing altogether.

Stuart Kronauge, president of Coke's sparkling business unit and senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola North America, told CNN that the company had to dig through its archives to find the recipe.

  • "Maybe a while ago we wouldn't have done this," Kronauge said. "But we're changing and trying to innovate in ways that are beyond traditional new products. This is a cultural innovation."
Coca-Cola Company
New Coke cans roll off a production line near Atlanta earlier this month. On Thursday, May 23, Coca-Cola will release a limited number of New Coke cans online as part of a partnership with the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things."

Geoff Cottrill, senior vice president of strategic marketing for Coca-Cola North America, told Variety that this could be the first step in Coca-Cola working with Netflix.

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  • “This is uncharted territory for us,” he said. “We want to look for ways to work with Netflix, but only in ways that don’t interrupt consumers, and don’t get in the way of the entertainment. If we can find ways to integrate authentically and add value to the experience, then we want to be a part of it.”

But Coca-Cola isn’t against releasing new products for pop culture's sake. I reported for the Deseret News earlier this year on how Coca-Cola plans to release special, limited-edition cans for the opening of “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” that will exclusively be featured at the park.