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A PlayStation 4 controller

SALT LAKE CITY — Sony has shown off the expected performance for its next PlayStation, and it’s fast. Really, really fast.

Video footage from a meeting in Japan comes by way of Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who published video of Sony’s demonstration on Twitter. The video shows the differences in loading times and travel speed on PS4 Pro and next-generation hardware, and it’s pretty noticeable.

The game shown in the video is “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” which features a realistic version of Manhattan. Loading times on PS4 Pro come in at a little over 8 seconds, while the newer hardware loads in just 0.83 seconds. Travel speeds on the new hardware also top the PS4 Pro, which has to stop and load in-game details while the next-gen system rockets through the city.

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Sony also released a document detailing strategies for its next generation of gaming hardware, which isn’t expected to arrive until next year at the earliest, according to Wired. The company confirms the new system will feature “transformative” games and backward compatibility — something Xbox currently features.

Sony also confirmed that it hasn’t spoken about release dates, price, games or launch countries for the next PlayStation. However, we do know the system will feature updated AMD hardware, 8K resolution, 3D audio and ray tracing — a lighting technique used in CGI for movies. An example of ray tracing’s effect can be seen on YouTube.