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Is the moon about to collapse?

SALT LAKE CITY — Get ready for chaos: The moon is going to collapse if a popular Christian preacher is to be believed.

OK, so maybe it won’t. Let’s dive in.

According to the International Business Times, Paul Begley reacted in the most logical way to a new NASA lunar study by declaring the moon, which is apparently shrinking like a raisin, will collapse.

"There was a report out yesterday the moon is shrinking. Inside the moon is like a raisin – they're saying that the moon is starting to shrink like a raisin shrinks,” Begley said during a YouTube live stream. “That internally, the core of the moon, something is going on in there. Is the moon about to collapse? What does that mean?”

Begley also indicated that the moon’s collapse aligns with Biblical prophecy of the end of the world.

To be fair, he’s half-right — NASA’s study found the surface of the moon is indeed shrinking, which is causing seismic activity. However, the Daily Express reports the moon isn’t going to collapse anytime soon.

But what would happen if the moon disappeared? According to Forbes, we’d be OK initially, but then things would get funky:

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  • The debris would likely form a new moon or rings around the earth, depending on the force of the destruction. These pieces would eventually fall out of orbit and hit the Earth.
  • The night sky would actually be more diverse since the moon’s light overpowers the light from stars.
  • We’d no longer see eclipses since nothing would pass between the Earth and the sun.
  • The length of a day wouldn’t change — the moon’s frictional force on the Earth actually slows the planet down, extending days by miniscule amounts. Without the moon we’d be locked into 24 hours.
  • Ocean tides would be smaller since the moon’s gravity would no longer pull on the oceans. Sorry, surfers.
  • This is where it gets scary: the Earth’s axis would begin to tilt slowly, which could seriously affect climates across the globe.