Alex Brandon, AP
Duke guard Tre Jones, center, covers his face as he walks off the court with teammates Zion Williamson (1) and Cam Reddish (2) after losing to Michigan State in the NCAA men's East Regional final college basketball game in Washington, Sunday, March 31, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — NBA prospect Cam Reddish doesn’t think the coverage of Zion Williamson is exactly fair.

Reddish said at the NBA draft combine on Thursday that he thinks the coverage of Williamson — who was teammates with Reddish at Duke — is a little over the top, according to USA Today.

  • “I do think it’s a little bit of unfair,” Reddish said. “But I think he’s more than capable of overcoming all that.”

Williamson said Tuesday at the NBA draft lottery — which the New Orleans Pelicans won — that he doesn’t want to believe in the hype. He said “a lot of people see me as a superstar. I’m an 18/19-year-old rookie.”

A part of the Williamson coverage includes NBA pundits wondering if Williamson, who will likely be drafted to the New Orleans Pelicans, will return to Duke for another year to wait out playing in the NBA.

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Williamson hasn’t signed an agent or a shoe deal, which still makes him eligible to play for Duke next season.

But his stepdad, Lee Anderson, shot down that speculation during a radio interview Thursday, CBS News reports.

  • "One thing that Zion has always been taught: You accept the things that you can't change, you change the things that you can change," he continued. "And this is one of the things that he had nothing to do with. It's the process of the NBA and certainly we're excited about the Crescent City down there in New Orleans."