Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber dropped the music video for their new single "I Don't Care" Friday, and it's a badly edited, colorful trip.

SALT LAKE CITY — Last week, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber dropped their new single “I Don’t Care.”

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Now we have a music video, and if the graphics are any indication, someone in the Bieber and Sheeran camp truly doesn’t care.

“I Don’t Care” is a colorful, dizzying trip through a bizarre series of badly edited images: Sheeran in a panda costume, Bieber dressed as an ice cream cone atop a Pegasus, and the two of them riding bicycles and floating through space together.

According to Sheeran’s Instagram, the two shot the video in Japan and L.A. in front of some serious green screens.

The video is edited so badly that it’s endearing, and social media users have been giving it the meme treatment in response.