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Screenshot, Reddit
The photo on Reddit that went viral featuring the cast.

SALT LAKE CITY — Seth Anderson ran up the steps, tripped and landed on his left arm. It snapped. Shedding tears, he went to the hospital with his parents and got a sling. The hospital told him his cast would arrive in five days.

Anderson spent those five days wondering what he could do to make his cast stand out. After all, this was the first time he broke a bone.

Then his brother, Jonathan Anderson, had an idea — you should do the Infinity Gauntlet, he said.

Little did Seth know that the decision to paint his cast into the Infinity Gauntlet — which the villain Thanos uses in “Avengers: Infinity War” to snap away half of the universe — would launch him into the galactic orb of Reddit viral fame. His mother shared a post in the r/Marvel Studios page. It was quickly shared on the r/Pics page. The story launched into the air like Iron Man soaring through the air.

The post has received more than 84,000 upvotes on Reddit so far. And it’s climbing.

Anderson is a pretty big fan of the “Avengers,” which is what made the decision even sweeter. On the day after he broke his arm, Anderson stayed home and watched six Marvel movies back-to-back to keep his mind off the ache.

When he decided to make the gauntlet, his mother Christine Anderson and his brother Jonathan Anderson worked on it together. They bought two different colors of craft paint, dimensional fabric paint, a Sharpie and, yes, gems.

The gems are yellow, blue, purple, green, orange and red, which tracks with the colors of the Infinity Stones from “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

The family spent the afternoon painting. Christine Anderson did the majority of the work. Jonathan, who found a reference photo for Christine to work from, helped with some of the shading toward the end.

Courtesy Christine Anderson
A look at the Infinity Gauntlet cast.

Christine Anderson joked she was surprised the Infinity Stones could be found at Hobby Lobby.

"All the work the Avengers did to get them, they're right there at the store,” she said.

Seth’s classmates champion him for the new gauntlet cast. In fact, his friends told him that he was trending on Reddit.

Now, his friends ask him to snap much like Thanos did in “Infinity War” and Iron Man and the Hulk did in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Funny enough, Anderson struggles to snap, according to his mother, Christine Anderson. She said the cast makes it hard for his thumb and forefinger to meet.

“We’re not sure Thanos would have been able to snap with this gauntlet either,” she said. “It’s a good thing he can’t snap, because who knows what would have happened.”

Courtesy Christine Anderson
Seth Anderson attempting the Thanos Snap in his new cast.
Courtesy Christine Anderson
Seth Anderson attempting the Thanos Snap in his new cast.

Anderson will wear the “Avengers” cast for four weeks. Well, that’s what the doctors tell him. He said he plans to wear it for five or “maybe longer.”

“Right now, yeah, I would,” he said.

His mother said that might change in five weeks.

“No more infinite power for you,” she said.

Anderson said he will probably put the gauntlet “on display somewhere" when he's done with it like it's the Tesseract or owned by The Collector. He specifically mentioned putting it in his closet. Seth joked he might charge 25 cents for people to come to see it.

Courtesy Christine Anderson
A look at Seth Anderson with his cast.

But Anderson said he would love to meet the Avengers because of this viral moment. He said Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) are his favorite heroes.

"I would love to meet the Avengers. It would be really insanely awesome to see all of them. Or at least a few of them. Or even one of them."

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For Christine Anderson, the viral moment and the decision to build such a trendy cast was a chance for her and the Anderson family to turn a negative moment into something positive.

“The thing that makes me so happy,” she said, “is that it’s so miserable to break your arm and to do anything to make that boy feel powerful and awesome at a hard part of life is worth everything to see him smile like that on the way out his door to school. Right, Seth?”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “definitely.”