Danny Johnston, Associated Press
FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2009, file photo, a Tyson Foods, Inc., truck is parked at a food warehouse in Little Rock, Ark.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Tyson Foods Inc. will build its nearly $300 million new meat packaging plant in Eagle Mountain, city officials said Thursday.

The facility will provide 800 jobs at first, along with 400 more jobs within three years after opening, according to a statement from Eagle Mountain officials.

At the plant, Tyson Foods will prepare meat brought in from other locations to ship to grocery stores, officials said.

"We welcome Tyson Fresh Meats to Eagle Mountain,” Mayor Tom Westmoreland said in the statement. "This facility will provide jobs for our community, allowing people to work closer to home. It will also bring needed infrastructure, especially roads that will provide better east/west connection to the Cedar Valley."

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Nate Hodne, senior vice president and general manager of case ready meats for the company, says it's "grateful" to be invited to Eagle Mountain and Utah County.

"We’ve built some great relationships during the initial phases of this process, and we appreciate the strong support we’ve received from local leadership. Our team is excited to find upcoming opportunities to meet the people of Eagle Mountain and become a part of this vibrant community," Hodne said in the statement.