Ben Kingsley appears in a scene from "Iron Man 3."

This article contains light spoilers for "Avengers: Endgame."

SALT LAKE CITY — Tony Stark may have taken his last bow as Iron Man in “Avengers: Endgame” but some of his enemies are alive and well, if Kevin Feige is to be believed.

Feige, who oversees the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was asked on Reddit if future Marvel films would tackle some loose threads involving the Ten Rings terrorist organization and its mysterious leader, the Mandarin, according to io9.

He said, “Yes.”

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The Ten Rings have appeared in every Iron Man solo film but were the main focus of “Iron Man 3,” in which they attempted to dismantle Stark’s life and assassinate the president of the United States. It didn’t go well for them, and, along the way, it was discovered that Ben Kingsley’s “Mandarin” was actually an actor named Trevor Slattery impersonating the real deal.

A short film titled “Hail to the King” explored Slattery’s life in prison and ended with him being sprung by someone who claims to be the real Mandarin. Since then, it’s been quiet on all fronts for the character.

In the comics, the Mandarin is a warlord in possession of 10 literal rings made from alien technology, which gives the villain superpowers. It remains to be seen how the character would fit in to the current MCU post-”Endgame.”