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"Super Mario Maker 2" gives players the chance to create Mario levels reminiscent of prominent games in the series.

SALT LAKE CITY — Nintendo has announced they’re building onto the “Super Mario Maker” concept, adding a story mode, cooperative play and refined building systems to “Super Mario Maker 2.”

Kotaku reports that the story mode will task Mario — in full construction attire — with raising funds to rebuild Princess Peach’s destroyed castle. Coins are earned by playing through stages that teach various building techniques. They also showed off four-player cooperative and competitive play, which should be great at parties.

“Super Mario Maker 2” is exactly what it sounds like — a game that allows players to design their own “Super Mario Bros.”-style levels. The game features multiple building modes for the previous game on Wii U, which featured styles emulating “Super Mario Bros.,” ''Super Mario Bros. 3” and “Super Mario World.”

Nintendo also announced tons of other new features in a 15-minute Direct video, like enabling two-player building and online course sharing for double the chaos. Here are some of the highlights:

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  • New course parts include slopes, power switches, giant Bullet Bills, water levels and the terrifying Angry Sun obstacle from “Super Mario Bros. 3."
  • New course themes include desert, snow, forest and sky themes, which also feature modified nighttime modes that make levels more difficult, according to UPI.
  • Veteran Nintendo composer Koji Kondo — the man behind the “Mario” and “Zelda” themes — has composed new music for the game.
  • A new style mode features “Super Mario 3D World.” The gameplay is still 2D, but includes features like the Cat Mario powerup, clear pipes, creeping Piranha plants and a car.
  • The Course World online mode requires Nintendo Switch Online and allows players to share their created levels with others. The Endless Challenge mode also tasks players with completing as many random courses as possible before running out of lives.
  • “Super Mario Maker 2” will also launch as a bundle with a year subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $69.99. The subscription can also stack with an existing account, Polygon reports.
  • Nintendo is also offering a new $99 voucher system that allows players to purchase two full-priced games. Vouchers don’t have to be used at the same time and are good for most first-party Nintendo games.

“Super Mario Maker 2” is coming out for Nintendo Switch on June 28 and will make another appearance at E3 on June 8.