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I'm so grateful that “it’s not too late to repair and sustain nature.” (Kathleen Parker, Deseret News, May 11, 2019). I shared this with my granddaughter, who isn't feeling so sure and a bit powerless in these times because she's "a kid and doesn’t have any power.”

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I shared Robert Watson’s belief that we can save damaged ecosystems, but only “if we act now in transformative ways.” Let’s make this report “the great unifier” and get to work. Think of your children, grandchildren and on into the future, then take action to make sure there is one. Send this study, or at least Ms. Parker’s column, to those who represent you. Tell them it is time for action.

Mention your appreciation for anything they have done up to this point, but tell them it is time to take big steps to make sure there is a future for the next generations. Children are asking why the adults, especially those in power, aren’t taking action. I don’t have a good answer, so I will continue to use my voice to call for “transformative action” and encourage others of all ages to do the same.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, WA