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DUCKTALES - "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" - As the boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior looking for it with a phony quest. This episode of "DuckTales" airs Tuesday, May 7 (3:00–3:30 P.M. EDT) on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel) LOUIE, HUEY, WEBBY, SCROOGE, DEWEY

SALT LAKE CITY — Life is like a hurricane, but Disney’s “DuckTales” has helped many Twitter users weather the storm.

Now they’re showing gratitude with the hashtag #WhyILoveDuckTales.

“DuckTales” began life as part of Michael Eisner’s bid to produce new Disney characters that would resonate with younger generations in the late 80s, according to SyFy. The show launched in 1987 and ran for three years, ultimately spawning a video game, five spinoffs and a 2017 reboot.

The show stars Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Duey and Louie, and Donald Duck as they go on adventures. The current incarnation features Ben Schwartz, David Tennant and Lin-Manuel Miranda in its cast, according to IMDB.

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Fans took to Twitter on May 14 to say the newer show’s sense of humor, adventure and heart resonate with them. They also highlight the attention to characters, nostalgia and apparent effort put in by show’s creators.

Cast and crew members — including showrunner Frank Angones and Schwartz — say they’ve enjoyed working on the show and interacting with their audience.

“DuckTales” airs on Disney Channel at 4 p.m. MT and is currently in the midst of its second season, according to TV Guide.