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Why is Washington Elementary School being closed? No answers are forthcoming from Davis School District officials. This school needs to remain open. It serves one of the poorest communities in the Bountiful area. This is the only Title I school in the district. When this school closes, the children who now attend Washington Elementary will be forced to attend schools in the area without any of the special programs that support the needs of these children and their parents.

The main parent population of the children that attend this school is lower-income. This school provides before-school programs that begin at 6 a.m. and after-school programs that go until 6 p.m. If the school closes, these children will probably become "latchkey" kids, meaning they will be spending their morning and some evening hours at home alone until their parents get home from work. This also means that many will not get breakfast and will go to school hungry which will impair their ability to learn.

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This also means that these young children will have to walk to other schools which are miles away from their homes. The Davis School District has already said that there will be no buses to get these kids to their new schools. How are these children going to cross the busy streets in Bountiful?

Has the Davis School District spent too much money on the new schools that have been built in our area? Have the powers that be sold Washington School for high density apartments?

B. Roxanne Fuller