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Cloud Strife fights a robot in "Final Fantasy VII."

SALT LAKE CITY — A remake of the PlayStation 4-exclusive “Final Fantasy VII” was re-revealed yesterday as part of Sony’s May 9 State of Play PlayStation presentation, showing fans the first new footage since 2015.

The trailer, which can be seen on YouTube, provides a look at new renditions of characters like Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace and Aerith Gainsborough, as well as Midgar, the initial urban setting in the original game. Gameplay shows Cloud facing off against robots and enemy soldiers as he and the other members of AVALANCHE conduct their bombing run on a Mako power plant.

More details are also confirmed for June, likely at Square Enix’s E3 press conference on June 10.

Fan reception has been largely positive, with many on Twitter sharing their excitement and interest in the upcoming game.

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer didn’t reveal the game’s release date. If you don’t think you can wait for another announcement, fortunately, there are several other ways to spend time with Cloud and friends. Here’s where you can get your “Final Fantasy VII” fix now:

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  • A remastered version of the original PlayStation release is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iPhone and Android for $15.99. The game features remastered graphics and built-in cheat codes like a fast-forward and invincibility mode.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is a fighting game for PS4 that features Cloud and his rival Sephiroth as playable characters and costs $29.99. A free version of the game is available but only offers four playable characters. New fighters are cycled in every week, so it might be a wait to play as Cloud.
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” for the PlayStation Portable may be the trickiest game on this list to track down, but it’s worth it. The action game acts as a prequel to “Final Fantasy VII” and stars Zack Fair, Cloud’s friend and mentor. I’d recommend looking on Amazon or at local game shops for a copy.
  • “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” is an animated film set after the events of the main game. It follows Cloud as he works to cure a mysterious disease that has infected the world. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video for $12.99 and on Blu-ray for $9.49.