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The Peacock, eventually revealed as Donny Osmond, performs in the All Together Now episode of "The Masked Singer." Fox Alternative Entertainment will now produce season 2 of “The Masked Singer,” which will lower the costs of the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

SALT LAKE CITY — “The Masked Singer” is coming back, and it will come at a lower cost.

Fox Alternative Entertainment will now produce “The Masked Singer,” which will lower the costs of the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fox Alternative Entertainment “will give the newly independent broadcast network a way to control production and stronger ownership over its in-house shows going forward,” THR reported.

Fox Entertainment, an independent broadcast network, will launch a new production company that will begin producing “The Masked Singer.”

This is a change from last year when Endemol Shine North America produced the show. This makes “Masked Singer” a totally in-house produced show.

Rob Wade will serve as president of alternative entertainment, which means he will have a direct impact on the talent and voices seen on the show, according to THR.

Fox Corp., entertainment chief Charlie Collier told Deadline this will help manage the costs of the show.

“The advantage of being a broadcast network is that we are home to programming for mass audiences,” Collier said, according to Deadline.

Collier said, “The Masked Singer” was a risky programming bet that paid off.

“Technically, Masked Singer could have ended up on any platform but you have to note that it didn’t,” Collier said.

“The Masked Singer” debuted last fall to much fanfare nationwide. Rumors swirled all season that the Peacock character was Donny Osmond and that the Bee character was Gladys Knight. Both of those rumors turned out to be true. T-Pain won the first season of the competition as the Monster, according to my reporting for the Deseret News.

Osmond explained his experience on the show me in an interview with the Deseret News.

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“When you put a mask on, all those emotions of your face as a singer go away, or even as an actor, it all goes away. This is what I would tell somebody next year: Use the costume. Use what you can. Because even with the beak and the eyes and all the feathers, I worked it like crazy. I would stand in front of a mirror in my dressing room and say, ‘OK, what works? What will translate to the camera?’ That's what, you know, method acting is all about. So I applied it. I think it made it a bit more exciting because some of the (other competitors), even though they had great voices, they just went out there and sang. You can't do that with this kind of show. You've got to be animated."