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Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) in Legendary Pictures', Warner Bros. Pictures' and The Pokémon Company's comedy adventure "Pokemon Detective Pikachu," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

SALT LAKE CITY — Let’s get this out of the way: “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is a kid-friendly film and it’s rated PG.

But Ryan Reynolds, who voices Pikachu in the Pokemon live-action film, has admitted in recent interviews that he created enough material for an R-rated version of the film, according to Kotaku. So this raises the question about whether or not the film is family-friendly.

Reynolds, who voices and acts as Deadpool in the R-rated “Deadpool” series, admitted that he gave hundreds of lines to the “Detective Pikachu” crew.

“I’d come out with 85 options for any one joke,” Reynolds said. “It was crazy.”

  • “Motion capture is a unique experience in which you are alone and you throw a billion things up against the wall,” Reynolds told Kotaku. “It’s up to somebody else to sift through it and figure out what they think is going to be applicable and what they feel they want to use.”

Reynolds told ComicBook.com he threw “800 versions” of a line out there. He said he used language for a PG-13 or R-rated film.

“Obviously, maintaining the family-friendly image of Pokemon was the priority, so these lines didn't make the cut during the editing process,” according to NintendoLife.

But Reynolds admitted that some of his humor — specifically “fart and pee jokes” — made it into the film and could add an edge to the family-friendly film.

“The stuff they used, there might’ve been some pushback, I don’t know.”

He added, “Everything ran the gamut from Rated R to PG."

This isn’t unlike Reynolds to add R-rated content to his films. Reynolds’ quick quips can be seen in the “Deadpool” film series, which is rated R. However, Reynolds filmed a PG-13 version of “Deadpool 2” that was released last holiday season for family audiences, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

All of this aligns with reports that “Detective Pikachu” would be a “mature” take on the Pokemon series, which Polygon wrote about back in February.

So again, Is “Detective Pikachu” family-friendly?

According to Common Sense Media, the answer is mostly yes, but with some edge.

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  • “Although it's based on a kid-friendly Nintendo game also called ‘Detective Pikachu,’ this movie will likely be edgier than its source material and earlier animated Pokemon movies and series, so it could be too intense for younger kids. Expect some rude humor, action sequences, and possibly swearing and violence.”

ScreenRant’s review suggests the film is fine for children, too.

  • “Ultimately, ‘Detective Pikachu’ is a fun family-friendly movie that will be entertaining for Pokemon fans of all ages, especially young kids and those who grew up playing the video games and watching the animated movies and TV series.”