Weber State University
Álvaro La Parra-Perez

OGDEN — With 577 million Spanish speakers worldwide and 40 million in the United States alone, Weber State University’s Goddard School of Business and Economics is preparing students to compete successfully in the global marketplace by offering select business courses in Spanish.

Álvaro La Parra-Perez, assistant professor of economics, will teach Economics 1010: Economics as a Social Science in Spanish during the summer semester. The course will introduce students to economics and showcase how economics intersects with other disciplines, such as history.

“I think students often are surprised by how many different areas are impacted by economics including poverty, crime, pollution, health and the inequalities of people,” La Parra-Perez, a native of Gandia, Spain, said in a statement. said.

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“The main goal of this class is to show that economics goes well beyond purely monetary and financial issues. It is a social discipline aimed at understanding how we behave and interact.”

Because the course will be taught in the foreign language, it will provide an opportunity to practice and reinforce the students’ Spanish linguistic skills.

The class will help both native and nonnative Spanish speakers develop basic economics knowledge while adding cultural and social norms to help make them marketable and more valuable to an organization.