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Letter to the editor

With multiple active shooter incidents in mosques, synagogues and churches worldwide it has now become apparent to step up our life-safety protocols in these public venues. There is reluctance to implement safety measures in houses of worship as they feel it will lower their image of a “safe place of haven” for all who enter. This has now become a fallacy as the current rampage has created fear in those who attend any service.

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The need is to institute a level of safety that does not interfere with the current service. It should be transparent so as not to discourage members, especially the elderly, from attending. Some of the proposals are to have armed attendees and make public notice that their members are carrying weapons. Worship leaders, ushers and others should be trained in the discipline of protecting and assisting all in harm’s way.

There are more, yet the urgent need is to implement improved safety measures now so that we may again feel safe in entering any house of worship.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island