Deseret News
Letter to the editor

I find it interesting that we are in a multitude of crises in our country, including a drug crisis, a border crisis, a gun crisis, and crime to mention a few that seem to dominate the daily news. I would suggest a solution that would address these mentioned simultaneously. Let's declare the war on drugs a complete failure after a trillion dollars spent on it since 1971 and redirect our efforts and the money to decriminalization of the drugs and begin treating those who use them in a humane and medically sound program.

This could have the effect of drying up the black market demands for the drugs, reducing the tremendous pressure on our prisons, reduce the gun violence related to illegal sales of the multitude of drugs, and reduce the cost of interdicting drug movement into the United States through our southern border or by sea. This is clearly something that would require bipartisan political support and a sea change in our culture, but, I believe, truly worth the effort.

Michael Callahan