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These days, end of year testing is one of the biggest stressors in schools. As kids cram, the question need to be asked, do we really need this much end of year testing? An entire year of learning is summed up into two to three days of testing.

End of year testing has become so prominent in our state and the country that in some classes, multiple end of year tests are taken. In math class at Evergreen, we have already taken one end of year test, are in the middle of another, and are planning on taking another one in the next few weeks. That is way too much testing. We only need one test! The school district and state board think that students get smarter by testing them, and not by teaching. All of the standardized tests are taking over schools as teachers and students spend most of their time cramming for tests.

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Another thing about the testing this year is that the state of Utah bought a new platform to do this testing called RISE. It replaced SAGE, the platform that has been used for the past few years. In the past week, the system has crashed once. When the system goes down like that, the computers that were being used for the test were quarantined. This took away one of the most powerful learning tools in many classrooms. It also left many teachers with nothing to teach, as testing had been canceled for the day and that’s what they were planning.

Connor McConkie

Salt Lake City