Chuck Zlotnick, Sony
Tom Holland stars as Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

SALT LAKE CITY — “Avengers: Endgame” will have a profound effect on “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

  • “Spider-Man” will release on July 5, which is about two months after “Avengers: Endgame,” which has been billed as the end of the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe’s storyline, which has stretched over 22 films.
  • “Endgame” director Joe and Anthony Russo told Entertainment Weekly that “Far From Home” will begin “minutes” after “Endgame,” which is why many characters haven’t aged since we saw them last in “Homecoming.”
  • The Thanos Snap may have wiped out half the population but “that doesn’t mean that everyone that they went to high school with didn’t disappear,” Joe said.
  • “There could be kids who are now much older than them and no longer in high school,” Joe added. “But Ned and he both disappeared and are returning in that moment.”
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Bigger picture: “Yes, it seems kinda convenient from a storytelling perspective, right?” Uproxx notes. “Most of Parker’s friends were likely dusted as well, so now they can all enjoy summer vacation in Europe without worrying about adulting, but it’s also conceivable in MCU terms. After all, Thanos’ snap killed off half of the universe’s occupants, but it was a random process, which is why fans could accept (although they didn’t enjoy) how most of the Guardians and all of Hawkeye’s family got wiped out.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the fallout from “Endgame” in “Far From Home” will be a large part of the MCU moving forward.

“One of the things that future Marvel movies will deal with is how characters who have been absent for five years are trying to fit in again with a world that has moved on,” according to EW.