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Provided by Dairy West
KSL "Studio 5" food and home economics contributor Becky Low poses with her finished cheese soufflé during the taping of her final segment at the station on April 25, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — While preparing a cheese mixture on KSL's "Studio 5" last week, Becky Low stirred, cracked a joke and chatted with the show's host, Brooke Walker, as usual. But for Low, April 25 was no ordinary day.

The day marked the end of an era — 24 years since Low first joined KSL as a cooking contributor on the noon news in 1995. Low later joined "Studio 5" in 2006, and throughout her time with KSL, she shared recipes more than 40 weeks each year. Now, Low is retiring, and her final episode aired Friday, April 26.

Provided by Dairy West
KSL "Studio 5" food and home economics contributor Becky Low poses for a photo during the taping of her final segment at the station on April 25, 2019.

“It’s just bittersweet,” Low said in an interview the day before the taping of her final show. “I have thoroughly enjoyed doing (my cooking show). I really love the people that I work with on 'Studio 5.' So it's just going to be hard.”

During the taping of her last show, she brought her final recipe, a cheese souffle, to life in front of a live audience of longtime supporters. But this wasn't the first time Low had attempted the souffle on set. Seven years earlier, Low followed the recipe but ended up with a significantly different result.

“Things that you do here on the set are not the same way that it works at home,” she recalled during the show. “It was a failure.”

But Low got a do-over for her final episode, and the voluminous souffle, along with Low's other recipes, can be found on the "Studio 5" website. Her favorite recipes over the years, she said, will also be posted on dairywest.com and eventually, on personal pages such as Instagram.

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KSL "Studio 5" relationship contributor Matt Townsend and food and home economics contributor Becky Low share a laugh during a commercial break during Low's final cooking segment on April 25, 2019 in Salt Lake City.

For those who know and love Low, her retirement may leave an empty space in their kitchen. But Low said she plans to keep experimenting in her own kitchen and creating new recipes she will share on her Instagram page, @beckylows_kitchen.

So what is it about Low’s cooking that kept audiences loyal for almost 25 years? The TV personality believes its her knack for discovering foods from around the world that have the power to “connect” people that kept viewers tuned in.

“I’m not a chef — I just cook. I've always enjoyed cooking,” Low said. “One of the things I like to do is connect homes and families with food. There isn't a single function that we go to with friends and family that … doesn’t involve food. When we start talking about our memories and how we connect with people, say Thanksgiving, holidays … food comes to mind.”

Before sharing recipes and connecting with KSL viewers, Low's passion for food started on a smaller scale with family and friends. In 1993, she inherited a recipe box when her mother passed away, and it didn't take long for Low to begin sharing her mother's recipes with loved ones.

Provided by Dairy West
KSL "Studio 5" food and home economics contributor Becky Low has a laugh with the crowd before the start of the final taping of her segment on April 25, 2019.

“I would type up recipes for my siblings and (other family) so they had copies of those,” she recalled. “It wasn’t long after that that I began doing the noon news.”

Since then, Low's repertoire of recipes has grown from her mother's box to include ingredients, spices and recipes from around the world.

“I have brought in so many different foods from Scotch eggs to shawarma from Palestine,” Low said. “It’s what catches me, and what catches other people.”

But Low, who said she is always looking for cookbooks and recipes while abroad, also draws inspiration from a special group of people at home. Her viewers, she said, have a space in her recipe book.

“When there have been live audiences, I love to meet them,” she said. “I'm always looking for recipes … and people have a tendency to share their recipes.”

Provided by Dairy West
KSL "Studio 5" food and home economics contributor Becky Low chats with host Brooke Walker during Low's final segment with the show on April 25, 2019.
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So what's next for Low? During her final episode, Low said she and her family have some road trips planned and, after Walker prompted her to create a cookbook, Low smiled and responded with a simple, “OK.”

While Low knows it’s time to move on, being part of the "Studio 5" family was something she truly enjoyed doing — and inevitably, it's a part of life she'll miss.

“'Studio 5,' it's a lifestyle show,” she said. “And it rings true with so many different viewers here in Utah, but also in Idaho and Wyoming. I have just enjoyed being a part of it, sharing memories and recipes. … I'm going to miss it, you know?"