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I read the article in the Deseret News: "Source: Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., not ruling out another run for Utah governor" (April 8). Normally, I am against career politicians who sit in one office too long and roost like a rooster and stagnate. However, Jon Huntsman Jr. is not that. He has went on to do other jobs after his gubernatorial days ended. I even met former Gov. Huntsman Jr. in 2007 when he was then the incumbent governor at his office in the Capitol. I found him knowledgeable, courteous and a firm decision-maker.

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I believe if he should run again for governor, I'd think he would be formidable with his diverse expertise. He is an extremely qualified candidate. He has impeccable credentials as a three-way past ambassadorship to Singapore, China and, currently, ambassador to Russia. Additionally, he has held other posts and most importantly: Huntsman already 'knows the ropes' of being governor. If anybody is ready on day 1 to take over as governor, it's Jon Huntsman Jr. I don't believe he's a "career politician," but someone whose expertise could benefit Utah again, if circumstances were right; pure and simple.

James Marples