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I fear that Donald Trump will probably win reelection, and that we Democrats will give it to him because most of the national Democrats seem to believe that they always have to go overboard and to ridiculous lengths and extremes to defend and make excuses for all members of minority groups (and illegal immigrants) — even when almost everyone can see that the particular individuals are obviously in the wrong — because they need their votes and want their votes one day. We look bad to many Americans when we make this mistake, and we lose their votes. Trump knows this and counts on this to win in 2020.

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Take the recent example of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who happens to be a Muslim. For her to casually and flippantly dismiss the tragedy of 9/11 by saying that "Some people did something" was totally morally wrong, insensitive and disrespectful. It was wrong of her to trivialize and minimize the horror of what happened. Plain and simple. She came across as being unpatriotic and not loyal to the USA.

Why couldn't my fellow Democrats admit that? Why did so many of them make lame excuses for her when she herself issued an apology for what she said? If we Democrats would stop pandering and grovelling for votes and instead, focus primarily on fighting for our federal government to do more to help the lower and middle classes with their financial struggles and problems, as our allies do, we would easily defeat Trump and win the Congress in 2020.

Stewart Epstein

Rochester, New York