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97 Marios appear on-screen in this battle royale take on "Super Mario Bros."

SALT LAKE CITY — The first level of “Super Mario Bros.” is familiar and recognizable — but what if someone tweaked the formula? A group of indie devs decided to offer their take on the classic game.

Kotaku reports that the Big Breakfast Collective — a team made up of game developers Alex Williams, Phillip Busch, Dennis Lorenze, and Mattia Traverso — took third place at the Nordic Game Jam 2019 in Copenhagen for their ten takes on “Mario,” titled “1-1.” Check out their highlights video below on YouTube.

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Some highlights include a first-person shooter where Mario shoots fireballs at Goombas, live-action adventure game, a 100-player battle royale and a puzzle game reminiscent of the recently-released “Baba is You.”

All ten games can be downloaded for PC for free via Itch.io.

In other creative news, Nintendo recently announced on Twitter that “Super Mario Maker 2” for Nintendo Switch will release on June 28 and which will allow gamers to make their own Mario levels — as long as they’re 2D platformers.