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The way Justin Timberlake pronounces "me" in 'N Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me" has become an annual social media joke every April 30.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s April 30. If you’re an 'N Sync fan and a meme lover, you know what that means.

It’s gonna be May.

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Vacation countdown is ticking which means #itsgonnabemay !

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Nineteen years after 'N Sync released its hit song “It’s Gonna Be Me,” it’s become one of the internet’s favorite memes because of the way Justin Timberlake sings the word “me.” You’ll notice he accents it so it sounds more like “may.”

'N Sync member Lance Bass visited Good Morning America Tuesday morning trolling Timberlake in a 2000s-era Timberlake wig to celebrate the occasion.

Bass also talked about how the “it’s gonna be me” line has evolved into a meme over time.

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"It's a meme world I guess these days," Bass told GMA. "When we recorded that song, there was no social media, so we had no idea this would happen, and it's funny because we never thought of the way Justin pronounced 'May' before until this meme started going around, so hey, it fits."

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Bass took to Instagram to post his own image of the “It’s gonna be May” meme, which features a husky with ramen noodles on its head to mimic Timberlake’s curly 2000s 'do.

"I'm so sorry, Justin," Bass said of his trolling efforts, according to GMA.

Other members of 'N Sync have also gotten in on the fun, teaming up with Maytag to celebrate the day.

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Wink wink, nod nod #ItsGonnaBeMaytag #ad

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Happy it’s gonna be May Day!!!

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While on GMA, Bass also talked about whether or not fans will see an 'N Sync reunion.

“I’m in. You’ve got one,” Bass said.