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Letter to the editor

Freedom is one of the greatest attributes that man possesses. This is why everyone and every nation searches for it.

By means of freedom, will is applied and it must be prone to good and not to evil. Man could do evil because he has the capacity to do it, but he mustn’t do it, because he corrupts himself by doing so.

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Real freedom means not to commit offenses such as homicides, thefts, adultery, fornication, sacrilege and others. When man starts to avoid offenses, he starts to walk toward real freedom.

Perfect freedom is the saints’ one, because although they could do evil, they choose not to do it, and therefore they ignore the slavery spawned by sin.

If each citizen is absolutely free, social life will be a coexistence of freedoms, where the actions of each one are limited by the others’ and the freedom to choose is not imposed — because it would cause the tyranny of the strongest or the meanest.

Arturo Ramo

Teruel, Spain