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Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles (2) and Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) high five during Game 5 against Houston in Houston on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — Ready for a cheesy sports story?

Having already won over the stomachs of many Utah Jazz fans, no doubt, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is apparently trying to win over the hearts of the Beehive State's favorite NBA team.

Perhaps the Jazz have commandeered the Twitter account of the famous pasta product or maybe a Utah fan runs that social media channel.

Whatever the case, @KraftMacNCheese has given the Jazz a lot of love since the team was eliminated from the playoffs by the Houston Rockets.

The tweet feast began on Wednesday night after Jazz fan @mamaloie tweeted, "It’s 10:33pm. The #Jazz game has been over for awhile. I’m now drowning my sorrows in Kraft Mac & Cheese ... #ThisTeamIsEverything."

Kraft's account responded the next morning, "Y'all should feel proud! It was a great season and the league needs to watch out for @spidadmitchell next year ..."

And that was just the beginning.

If Jazz fans weren't already pumping that cheesy golden pasta sauce into their veins — or their kids' — this string of tweets might convince them to do so.

Ensuing Jazz-friendly tweets included the account tweeting:

— That Donovan Mitchell "should've been rookie of the year too...smh."

— Kraft humorously telling a fan who joked about retweeting a macaroni and cheese account, "Don't fight it! Be a trendsetter, ahead of your time- like Mehmet Okur..."

"You’re talking Memo now?" a Jazz fan responded. "The person behind this media account deserves a raise."

— @KraftMacNCheese didn't stop at Okur, either. "I'm just doing what I can, typing what I know. Filling the stat sheet like Andrei Kirilenko."

— The account posting a GIF of John Stockton feeding Karl Malone a pass for a dunk after a Jazz fan wrote, "Heading to Target right now to buy all the @kraftmacncheese I can get my hands on" with a funny speedwalking video.

— A fan writing "I have ordered my wife to throw out all the Annie’s Mac and Cheese we have and to exclusively buy Kraft until the end of time," followed by Kraft posting a GIF of Donovan Mitchell smiling and nodding.

The cheesy goodness was met with some resistance, including a fan of another NBA team cursing at the Kraft account and writing rude things about the Jazz and Mitchell.

That didn't stop the fun from the account manager who joked that he's "the Matt Harpring of Twitter," though.

The account even posted a photo of what the Jazz uniform might look like if Kraft were the patch sponsor instead of 5 For The Fight.

Jazz fans who certainly took note of this entertaining exchange pointed out that the team's City Edition uniforms do look like they might pair well with this potential sponsor. The yellow unis would be even better, right?

Kraft isn't the only one who daydreamed. Just think of the fun that might happen if the @utahjazz social media team overtakes a different Twitter account known for its snarky replies to other fast-food joints.

The @utahjazz need to take over the @Wendys account and take shots at competitors.

"Harden is as cold as McDonald's frozen beef patties!"

"CP3 whines more than customers bringing orders back to Arby's."

"King James' early offseason is as peaceful as lunch rush at Burger King."

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Velveeta also jumped on the Jazz's bandwagon after Andrew Fox tweeted, "I WILL EAT NOTHING BUT KRAFT MAC & CHEESE (and velveeta because it’s liquid gold) FROM NOW ON." That cheese company responded, "Liquid Gold to match that Jazz Gold."

@KraftMacNCheese wasn't ready to concede or share, responding, "Yo del>@</delEatLiquidGold Utah is del>@</delkraftmacncheese country! We gonna swat you out of here like The Stifle Tower aka the French Rejection del>@</delrudygobert27"

The two companies eventually came to terms in a humorous and heartmelting way after Fox jokingly asked, "Better duo: del>@</delkraftmacncheese and del>@</delEatLiquidGold or Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles?"