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Walt Handelsman

Most top news stories this week centered around politics and the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign Thursday. Biden's entry into the crowded field has been highly anticipated.

Scott Stantis
Dana Summers
Dana Summers

The crowded field of Democratic campaigns and wide range of platforms has raised questions about the unity of the party.

Phil Hands

Candidate Bernie Sanders has also been in the headlines for his call to allow prison inmates to vote.

Bill Bramhall
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Officials are considering reintroducing a citizenship question to the U.S. While some defend it, others question what that information will be used for.

Nick Anderson

The Social Security Board of Trustees report was released Monday.

It said the projected date for Social Security cost to exceed taxes collected is 2020, and has many questioning the future of the program.

Scott Stantis

Also discussed in news this week: President Trump's reaction to the Mueller report being released, the loss of mature discussion among Americans and the prevalence of technology in our lives.

Walt Handelsman
Joel Pett
David Horsey