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ERPOs, or Extreme Risk Protective Orders, are an evidence-based policy shown to significantly reduce firearm suicide. These laws can also help prevent domestic violence and other gun deaths and injuries, which is why 15 states have now passed them in one form or another, mostly in the wake of tragedies like school or police officer shootings. Recently Colorado became the latest state to adopt ERPOs after a deputy sheriff was gunned down. Utah should pass ERPO before a local tragedy propels us into action.

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ERPO laws balance public safety and individual Second Amendment rights in a constitutional manner. They allow law enforcement and family members to petition a judge to temporarily remove firearms from a person who poses a dangerous threat to themselves or others. They include due process protections, high evidentiary standards and provide automatic return of firearms at the end of an order.

With 68 percent of Utahns supporting ERPOs (including gun owners and people from both sides of the aisle) we have a unique opportunity to pass ERPO before tragedy strikes, and to significantly reduce suicides in a state that suffers the fifth-highest suicide rate in the nation.

Andrea Himoff

Park Citiy