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Election of president and vice president through the Electoral College gives a slight advantage to voters in smaller states. For example, compare California with an estimated 2016 population of about 39.25 million and 55 electoral votes to North Dakota with a population of about 750,000 and 3 electoral votes.

Republican-dominated North Dakota gets 5.5 percent of Democrat-leaning California’s electoral vote total with a population only 1.9 percent as large. Expanding that scenario across America partially explains how President Donald Trump won while losing the popular vote.

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The argument is simple. Those favoring the Electoral Collage contend candidates will tend to ignore the will of voters in smaller states in favor of satisfying voter demands of those living in large urban areas. Those against claim that fear is overblown and candidates can’t afford to discount the importance of seriously considering the preferences of voters from places like North Dakota.

I side with disbanding the Electoral Collage because it shouldn’t matter in which state voters live. North Dakota residents realize benefits unavailable to those in crowded and/or high cost of living situations. With advantages realized by both large and small states, each voter’s preference deserves equal treatment.

Raymond A. Hult