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A look at Team Ken (Ken Jennings, Matt Jackson and Monica Thieu) during the ‘Jeopardy! All-Star Games’ finale.

SALT LAKE CITY — Ken Jennings weighed in on “Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer’s recent run of luck, and he supports him, according to Uproxx.

Holzhauer made headlines this week after he broke the single-day earnings record when he earned $131,127 on Wednesday night, which led to his 10th-straight win, according to my report for the Deseret News.

Holzhauer previously won $110,914 on April 9, which was the new single-day earnings record at the time. He now owns $697,787 in total earnings.

Jennings, who is a BYU graduate and owns the record for highest winnings in a regular season, shared an article about Holzhauer on Twitter and offered his thoughts on the recent “Jeopardy!” success story.

  • “This is absolutely insane,” Jennings tweeted. “I've always wanted to see someone try ‘Jeopardy!’ wagering this way who had the skills to back it up. “

Jennings said it’s weird that people are placing bets on Holzhauer to break Jennings’ own record of earning the most amount on “Jeopardy!” since the show is filmed months in advance.

  • “This seems like a weird marketplace given the fact that these games taped months ago and hundreds of people know the outcome,” he wrote.

But Jennings feels Holzhauer is a great champion for the show.

  • “I don’t understand why anyone says ‘this guy on Jeopardy now’ when it’s much more fun to say ‘this guy they got on Jeopardy now,’” he tweeted.

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebeksaid viewers should watch Holzhauer because he might be the next Jennings, according to Vulture. Holzhauer said he enjoys the comparison.

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  • “All of these comparisons are an honor. I play the game very differently than Ken does. If you look at his statistics, he was a much more dominant player on the buzzer than I could ever hope to be. So I needed to play the game differently than he does to achieve the same results, if that makes sense. I created my approach to the game by myself, but I definitely see some similarities between me and champions who have come in the past. It’s a credit to them that they had this stuff figured out before I did.”